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Library International Visitor

My name is Levke Sofia Christiansen and I came to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to conduct research for my bachelor thesis. I am a student of International Relations (IR) at the University of Erfurt in Germany. Unfortunately, there is no official exchange program between our universities so I just decided to come by myself into the blank.

As a student of IR with a specific interest in decolonial studies, human rights, and international law, I decided to write my thesis about BiH due to a personal interest in the region. I am researching the international acknowledgement process of the genocide in Srebrenica. Although just started my research, I can already say that a special critical focus is directed towards the behaviour of Western states.

The director of the library of the University of Erfurt kindly helped me organizing my research stay at different faculties and first sent me to the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security Studies. There, I was warmly welcomed by the faculty's librarian Viktorija Martinčević-Huseinčehajić. I have been given my own working space and been provided access to the English-language literature relevant for my research topic. Now that I am moving to the next faculty, the Faculty of Political Sciences, I have been said goodbye as pleasantly as I’ve been welcomed and even got gifted some Uni merch as a souvenir.

Thanks a lot for the opportunity to research at your faculty and the nice kick-off of my research at the University of Sarajevo!



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