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The Student Center in Sarajevo provides accommodation services for 2,000 students of the University of Sarajevo, through the Student Settlement "Bjelave" and the Student Dormitory "Nedžarići ". Within the accommodation there are also student restaurants / canteens, intended for student meals, which includes 2 hot meals (lunch and dinner) during 25 days a month.

The competition for accommodation in student dormitories is announced by the Student Center Sarajevo in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth, Sarajevo Canton. The competition is active for 30 days from the day of publication. The application for the competition is filled in on the website of the Student Center Sarajevo, while the delivery of documents is done in person or by mail. The required documentation and supporting forms must not be older than six months and must be issued by the competent institutions.

In addition to the dormitories belonging to the Student Center in Sarajevo, there is also a Franciscan dormitory for students from Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad, who study at the University of Sarajevo.

Student dormitory "Nedžarići"

Address : Aleja Bosne srebrene bb, Sarajevo
Phone : 033 / 778-581
Capacity : 960 beds

Student dormitory "Nedžarići" is located at Aleje Bosne srebrene bb, in the municipality of Novo Sarajevo. The capacity of the home "Nedžarići" is 960 beds. Students have at their disposal a student canteen, coffee pizzeria, program room, multimedia center with library, reading room, sports fields, copy shop…

During the year, a large number of cultural and sports events, numerous courses and lectures from various fields are organized.

Student settlement "Bjelave"

Address : Bardakcije 1, Sarajevo
Phone : 033 / 568-640
Capacity : 1,000 beds

Student dormitory "Bjelave" is located at Bardakcije Street 1, on the territory of the municipality of Centar. Accommodation is organized in nine pavilions with a total capacity of 1,000 beds.

Within the student settlement "Bjelave" there is a student restaurant / canteen, cafe buffet, program room, multimedia center with library, sports fields, table tennis table and copy shop. During the summer period, the work of the summer reception is organized, intended for the accommodation of students during the summer school and preparation for enrollment in colleges.

Student dormitory "Nedžarići"

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